Class Cancellation Q & A 2020-03-18T11:51:25-05:00

March 18, 2020

These are the most commonly asked questions about our training centers cancelling classes.

Q – When will the school reopen?

A – Due this being an ongoing situation, we don’t have an exact date of re-opening. When we have been given the word to re-open our facilities, we will post this on our website and social media.

Q – Why did the school close?

A – We closed our facilities to comply with the government’s request of avoiding groups with more than 10 people. Most of our classes would have had more than that number.

Q – Did someone test positive at a training center and that’s why you are closed?

A – We closed as a Preventative measure and not a Reactionary measure. We are unaware of anyone that has been to any of our centers testing positive for the Covid-19.


Q – Because I am an apprentice, will my advancement date be extended because my class was cancelled due to Covid-19?

A – Per the Director, advancement will not be affected by classes cancelled due to Covid-19. Advancement dates may be extended for insufficient work hours (i.e. On-the-Job Training hours).

Q – Do I need to contact the Program because my class was cancelled?

A – If your class was scheduled for March 23rd through May 2nd and the Apprentice Program website indicates that all classes are cancelled, you do NOT need to contact the Program.

Q – Why didn’t I receive an email about classes being cancelled?

A – We send emails to the address provided by you. If you did not receive one: it went to your junk/spam folder, the email is wrong, or you blocked us. Also, all class cancellation information is on our website.

Q – Do I still need to contact the Apprentice Program if I get laid off or start working for a contractor?

A – Yes, all employment changes must be reported to an Assistant Coordinator.

Q – How will I find out if or when my cancelled class has been rescheduled?

A – When cleared to reschedule classes, the Apprentice Program will mail and email class information/homework. If your contact information has changed, please contact an Assistant Coordinator ASAP. Please monitor this website for updates and monitor your email.

Q – Will I be penalized if I decide not to come right back to school if I don’t feel safe yet?

A – No. If you are not wanting to come to our facilities when we re-open out of concern for your health, contact an Assistant Coordinator to let them know. Your class will be rescheduled but be aware that your Advancement date will also be adjusted.

Skill Advancement

Q – Will I have to repeat the Skill Advancement class that I was taking and didn’t complete.

A – We are going to be rescheduling all classes that were in progress when we closed. All classes (except OSHA) will continue on from the point that they were cancelled. You will not have to retake the entire class to get credit for it.

Q – I just started an OSHA 30 Construction class in Chicago. Will I be able to continue with that class?

A – Unfortunately, the answer is no. Since it was the first class day of four days, 50% was not completed so the class will have to start over from Day 1 due to OSHA’s guidelines on class schedules.

Q – What will happen to my check from my Skill Advancement class that didn’t complete?

A – All Skill Advancement checks are being returned to everyone that was in a class at the time of cancellation.

Q – My class in April was cancelled. I had submitted a check for that class. What will happen to that check?

A – All Skill Advancement classes have been cancelled until May 3. All checks that are in the office for classes between now and May 3 are being returned. Since we are unaware of when the centers will reopen, we will not be able to move a check to another class.

Q – I had multiple Skill Advancement classes scheduled for March and April. How can I sign up for the classes that were cancelled?

A – Once we are given permission to re-open, we will have a new supplemented Skill Advancement schedule online. All classes cancelled will hopefully be added between mid-June and end of August. Once they are placed online, sign up for the classes that you are interested in.

Q – Where can I find some information about classes that are scheduled?

A – Once we know the date that we can re-open, we will place an updated schedule of Skill Advancement classes online. Signing up and submitting a check, as normal, will help ensure that the class may run.

Q – All Skill Advancement classes are gone from the schedule through the beginning of May. Will the class that I needed be rescheduled?

A – Yes. We will try to reschedule every class that had to be cancelled. We will add more classes during the summer to make up for the lost time.

Q – I need an OSHA 30 right now for work. What should I do?

A – There are companies that do online OSHA courses that require a fee. Please follow this link: to find a legitimate provider of the courses. There are some less expensive courses but they are for informational purposes only. They will not issue you a valid OSHA card. Once you do complete a course and receive your OSHA outreach program card, we will be able to place it in your history.