The new Skill Advancement course schedule has been added to the website. Classes through the end of the year are now online ready for you to enroll. Since the decision to run a class or cancel the class is dependent upon the number of course reservation fees we have received, send in yours once you enroll in a class. Don’t forget that one check is required for each class that you are enrolling in. Don’t take your check from one class and put it towards the next, it may be too late by then. Best suggestion is to have a minimum of two checks in to the office if you are planning on taking multiple classes.

Don’t see a class that you are interested in taking? Put your name on the wish list and we will offer the class once we have received at least 6 requests. An email will be sent to you notifying you that the class is now available to take.

Improve your skills for you career and stay employable by taking classes.